Jean-Edouard (John) Halkett )1719-1766)

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Captain in the Scots Brigade. While garrisoned at Termonde (Dendermonde) Belguim he so assisuously courted a young Catholic girl, Terses Claire Raeyman, of that city, that she had to retire to Malines (Mechelen, Belgium to give birth to a son - Charles Louis Halkett. Our Captain, being an honest man, subsequently married Therese.

Jean-Eduard was the last of his Halkett ancestors to wear the uniform of the Scottish Brigade.

Just as the conversion of the Halkett clan in Scotland to Protestantism in the second half fo the sixteeth century had led the youngest of the family to serve in the military for the cause of the reformed relgion on the continent, the Catholic marriage of one of their descendents lead to the reconversion to Catholicism, well as to the sedentary life of this part of the Halkett family.


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