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Jerusha Bellew was born May 7, 1841 in Greenville, S.C. The Bellew family moved to Habersham Co., GA in 1859. She married Anderson J. Pittman, who went to fight in the Civil War, but disappeared for over 20 yrs. In the meantime, thought Pittman dead, Jerusha married T.B. (Benton) Whitecotton who was a spy for the US Marshalls Revenue department and was murdered in 1877 in Hall Co., GA. In 1909, Anderson Pittman came back and found his beloved Jerusha and they were remarrried in Cartersville, GA. I have a complete story on both Whitecotton & Pittman. Jerusha is the daughter of Reason Anderson Bellew, son of Jacob Bellew b. ca. 1757. Jerusha is my 3rd great grandmother. Her daughter is Trecy Whitecotton Smith. This is my 2nd g. grandmother.
Jerusha died ca. 1915 in ALA.


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