Jessie Palmer Hodges wife Irene J Hair 1916 Tx.

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Wedding photo that was sent to cousin Edward Clark Hair. Irene J Hair is daughter of Judson James Hair of Hendson Co Tx. Irene was born Feb 1896 Jessie was b march 2 1891 Murchison. Irene's brother was Ivey James, sisters, Ozil or Oze E b 1882 Union Parish La. marrid John Koen in Henderson Co Tx. living on Tex coast 1910. sister Georgiana b 1890 Tx.
Judson James Hair was b. 1850 SC Barnwell Co. his parents moved to Drew Co ARk. 1860 after his fathers death in the C.W. lived with sister in Union Parish La.
Would like to get in touch with this family !!! been working on the Hair family for YEARS.
at Hendson Co Tx, Murchison , Texas USA


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