Johan Henrik Ludvig Rau Hansen

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Johan Henrik Ludvig Rau Hansen was born 1869 in Jerlev, Jerlev parish, Jerlev county, Vejle, Denmark. He died in Vejle 1947. He was a joiner and carpenter in Vejle. His parents were rather old when he was born as their youngest son, and his father, Hans Clausen, died when Johan Henrik Ludvig Rau Hansen (called Ludvig Rau) was a young boy. Ludvig Rau married and got 4 children, but lost the 3 first children to tuberculosis. Then he lost his young wife, also to tuberculosis, and soon he married again, and got 4 more children, who lived and went old. But the surviving daughter from his first marriage died too, only 12 years old, from appendicitis. The oldest son of Johan Henrik Ludvig Rau Hansen was my paternal grandfather, Frederik Christian Rau Hansen, born in Vejle 1902. He build up from nothing a big furniture business in Vejle, and he has today bunches of descendants. A sister to Ludvig Rau immigrated with her husband to America.
at Vejle, Vejle, Vejle County, Syddanmark Danmark


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