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Johann 'Henry' Markus was born 17 Oct 1870 in Lauwe, Russia to Georg Heinrich Markus and Katherine Seyer. Henry married Margaretha 'Margaret' Elizabeth Kerner around 1898 in Lauwe. The family came to America on the ship "Estonia", March 26, 1908, and entered through Ellis Island. The voyage took 2 months. The last 5 of their 11 children were born in Fresno, California.
Henry legally changed his last name to "Marks" in the 1920's because there was 'another' Henry Markus in Fresno that didn't pay his bills on time and this Henry didn't want to be confused with him! All family members have retained the name of "Marks". Henry died 24 Mar 1949 in Fresno, and is buried in the Mt. View Cemetery there.
in Fresno, CA USA


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