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Johanna Therese Mountain McGinnis died in 1905. Her obit read: Mrs. Johanna McGinnis, the widow of John McGinnis and a most estimable Christian woman, died in the family home, 612 Thomas Street. An illness from blood poisoning, extending over a period of 11 days, prefaced the end. Prior to that time Mrs. McGinnis was an unusually robust, strong woman.

From her infancy Mrs. McGinnis has lived in Youngstown and both as a girl and a woman had the sincerest regard and respect of everyone who knew her. She was a member of St. Columba's church since her babyhood and was loyal to its every precept. As a neighbor she was generous and thoughtful, and as a wife and mother, everything that could be wished for --faithful and indulgent. The death of her husband occurred three months ago --a fact which adds to the grief of the nearly distracted children. They are Mrs. Thomas Clark, Mrs. John Reilly, Mrs. Martin Lynden, Miss Hannah, John J and William E McGinnis.
in Youngstown, OH USA


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