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John Banks was born August 27,1809 in Dowsby, Lincolnshire, England.He was the third child of William Ellis Banks and Sarah Moore. He married Ann Holmes on December 1, 1834 in the Dowsby parish church,Lincolnshire, England. He worked in the coal mines. They were the parents of eleven children who were all born in Dowsby. Only four children lived to be adults. The others died in childhood.
In a brief history of his brother, Joseph Banks, it is mentioned that John was a Methodist and had charge of the church in Dowsby. He asked his two brothers for money to keep the church in tact, which they gave him kindly. Not so long after, John joined the Mormon church and gave the former Methodist building to the Mormon church for worshiping in. John was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on August 27, 1845. In 1854 he moved his family to Stavely,Derbyshire, England where John was ordained and Elder in the Church and served as Branch president of the Stavely Branch. In April 1866 John and Ann set sail from Liverpool, England for New York City on the ship "John Bright." They wanted to join the Saints in Salt Lake City,Utah, where two of their children, Cornelius Holmes Banks, and BetsyAnn Banks, had made their homes. John was age 56, and Ann was age 55.They crossed the plains in the wagon train of Captain Samuel D. White.Captain White’s mule train consisted of 46 wagons and left Nebraska onJuly 7, 1866. There were 230 emigrating Saints, mostly from theBritish Isles. The company passed Fort Kearney July 21st and, bytelegram to President Brigham Young, it was learned that these emigrants passed the Platte Bridge on August 15th, and were at South Pass on August 23rd. The company arrived in Salt Lake City September 5th, the journey having been made in 53 1/2 traveling days. Three deaths occurred, one very old lady, and two small children.
John and Ann resided in Salt Lake City until the spring of 1867 andthen went to Tooele where he lived until his death. He died June 11,1876. John had very poor health for sometime previous. He was a member of the High Priest quorum. He was true to his religion and died as he had lived, in full faith and fellowship. He was beloved and respectedby all who knew him. John Banks was buried in the Tooele City Cemetery.
in Tooele, Tooele Co., Utah USA


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