John & Grace (Becks) Williamson Williamson family photo
Ronda Hewett

John & Grace (Becks) Williamson

Husband and Wife: The top pictures is of my Great Grandfather John Henry Williamson. The bottom pictures is of my Great Grandmother Grace Ellen (Becks) Williamson.

About John Henry Williamson

John Henry was born to Robert Acorn Williamson and Sarah Alice (Bowen) Williamson January 22, 1880 in Deep Water Mo. He had two brothers and one sister. William Edward, died in infancy. Robert Acorn was born in 1896 and his sister Odessa Frances was born in 1884. Grace Ellen Becks was born to John Nicholas Becks and Melissa Jane (Birnel) Becks February 9 1887 in Deep water Mo. She had several brothers and sisters. ...more info

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John & Grace (Becks) Williamson

John Henry Williamson

Born: unknown
Died: unknown