John J & Alice Riley Riley family photo
Alice Long

John J & Alice Riley

A photo of John J Riley and Alice Ann Riley.

About Alice Ann Riley

John J. Riley was maried to Beverly Ann Owings. They had 2 daughters. Ronna May Marie Riley and Alice Ann Riley.They lived in Sioux City Iowa for a short time then to South Sioux City Nebraska where they stayed. John's mom was Glady's Marie.{Don't know last name,she was adopted.}John's dad's name was James Patrick Riley.Gladys passed away in 1977 and James in 1980.His parent's also lived in South Sioux City NE.He had a sister Mary Helen,Rose Anne,Meldia,and a sister Peggy that died at a young age.John had many health problems. Asama,He had 1 heart attack,I think 2 smaller strokes before the last one took him.By pass heart surgery.He weight stayed pretty much 100-103 pounds all his adult years.His wife Beverly passed away Jan.7th 2009 ...more info

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John J & Alice Riley

Alice Ann Riley

Born: Jan 21, 1928
Died: Sep 13, 1988 (age 60) in Sioux City , ia
Cause: Stroke

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