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John Kunz II was born on Jan. 20, 1823 at Zwischenflueh, Canton Bern, Switzerland to Johannes Kunz (John Kunz I) and Rosina Katherine Klossner. John Kunz II was married to Rosina Knutti, daughter of David Knutti and Katharina Mani on Oct. 22, 1842. He and Rosina Knutti were baptized members of the LDS Church on Feb. 22, 1869 by Willard B. Richards and confirmed by Elder Christian Willie. On March 30, 1869 John Kunz II was ordained a teacher by Elder Karl G. Maeser. John Kunz II was ordained an elder on Nov. 4, 1869 by Elder Karl G. Maeser. On July 13, 1870 John Kunz II, Rosina Knutti Kunz and 8 of 10 children emmigrated to the United States on the ship SS Manhattan. John Kunz and his Family arrived in Ogden, Utah and was greeted by Brigham Young on Aug. 5, 1870. Brigham Young called him on a Mission to Bear Lake Valley and and introduce there the industry of making Swiss Cheese. The Cheese making factory was started in Ovid, Idaho and later moved to Bern, Idaho. John Kunz II built and owned the first house in the Bern Town Site which he named after his native Bern, Switzerland. He spent the rest of his in peace at Bern, Idaho. In 1876 Ephriam Jones came to Bern, Bear Lake County Idaho to teach John Kunz II children how to speak and write English. John Kunz II was the first presiding Elder in the Bern Ward, Monpelier Stake, Idaho from 1878 to 1890 for approx. 27 years. John Kunz II was ordained a Bishop on June 3, 1878 by Charles C. Rich at Bern, Bear Lake County, Idaho. He was married to a second wife in the Fall of 1884.
John Kunz II died on Feb. 16, 1890 at Bern, Idaho. He was buried at Ovid Cemetery, Bear Lake County, Idaho.

There is a Monument to John Kunz II at Bern, Bear Lake County, Idaho.

Selections: Courtesy of Diane Steckler Rasi-Koskinen in her Book, The comfort of being together in Pease & Plenty, The William J. & Annie Schmid Kunz Family Story.
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