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John Charles Higgins & Maria (Vahey) Higgins. John emigrated from Ireland in 1860, was a Union Army POW @ Andersonville during Civil War. He was also a resident of Chicago during the Great Fire. Farmed and raised family in Blaine, Kansas.
in USA


Rickson Higgins My Great great grandfather's name was George W. Higgins. Their ancestors from Ireland to US mainland. Any relative of John Charles Higgins went to the Eastern Pacific? My Grade grade grade grandfather's name was Johnny W. Higgins came from US mainland to Hawaii and continued their voyage to the Federated States of Micronesia. He married a local lady and had two kids. Goerge W. Higgins and Maryane Higgins. My fathers name is Wilson Higgins given by his grandfather. Johnny said something about his father's father or brother something like that by the name of William Higgins so he'll call his grandson Wilson. This is where I came from. still searching the lost ancestors. My name is Rickson W. Higgins. Can anyone help on this. e-mail:[contact link]
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