John Rowe Moyle & Phillippa Beer

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11 children listed for John Rowe Moyle & Phillippa Beer; James, Elizabeth, Henry, Stephen, Phillippa, Phillippa, Henry, Alfred, William, John and Joseph Moyle.

John Rowe Moyle was an accomplished stonemason known extensively as a tough-minded artisan with unbending principles.

John Rowe Moyle moved his family to Mountainville which is now Alpine, Utah. While living in Alpine Utah he prepared for the worst, he constructed a tower fortress from which he could defend his family if necessary. It remains today a landmark to John Rowe Moyle .

He worked on the construction of Temple Square (in Salt Lake City) and the Utah State Capitol Building. He had a long, long walk to work there and back each day, often in extreme temperatures. Tragically, he was involved in an accident on the job and his leg had to be amputated.

So determined was Mr. Moyle to continue with his work on the building of the (Salt Lake City )Temple that when he had recovered sufficiently, he set about making himself a wooden leg. Then he went back to work and continued to make the long, long walk to and from the building site.
at Moyle Fort Park, Alpine , Utah USA


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