John W Hymel  Hymel family photo
Bernard Manale

John W Hymel

John W Hymel at the gates of what was his favorite place.We found a small dog roaming the property during one of our visits. He was our weekend guest.

About John W Hymel

I developed a close friendship with Mr. Hymel later along in his life and he became a great influence on mine. The things I learned from him are too numerous to mention in terms of character and general construction. He will be remembered as an outstanding individual and real life hero who; lived a life of great integrity and practiced excellence in everything he did. A veteran of WWII, he provided many stories of his travels that carried insight into the lives of military soldiers of that event. He was a true leader and placed great value on the strengths of human relationships. His patience was legendary and he became a tremendous influence in the lives of the many who knew him. ...more info

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