John W. Stevens & Rose E. Fay Wedding Stevens family photo
Deanna Stevens

John W. Stevens & Rose E. Fay Wedding

Wedding photo of my grandparents John Wheeler Stevens and Rose Ellen Fay. John's parent's James Madison & Adaline Stevens are seated directly in front of the groom pictured center of the photo in a lighter colored coat. Any help in identifying others in the photo would be appreciated.

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Upon further delving in to the family history I believe that what is written on the back of the photo is incorrect. This was not at my grandparents wedding. My grandparents married in 1909 and I have since verified James Madison Stevens died in 1904 per his headstone. Sorry for the misinformation. Guess you have to double check everything even what your elders wrote on the photos.
Apr 20, 2012 4:07 pm reply
Photo taken at Griswold, Iowa USA on
John W. Stevens & Rose E. Fay Wedding

James Madison Stevens

Born: Feb 15, 1840
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: James Madison Stevens at 69 years old  ·  Adaline Shuberg Stevens at 62 years old  ·  John Wheeler Stevens at 27 years old  ·  Rose Ellen Fay at 33 years old