John Wallace & Genela Reese Stafford Family

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John Wallace Stafford & Genela Reese Stafford
Family of 9 children, the 9th being Lucy Manervia Stafford, shown in a seperate picture. Anyone having information on family members please contact me.

Laura J Stafford m: Julius Lee Johnson
Cynthia Ella Stafford m: George Roby Payne
Cena Mae Stafford m: Hubert Luther Mays
Nora E Stafford m:
Pearlie M Stafford m: Everett Johnson
Francis B Stafford m: W. Guss Teague
Lawrence E Stafford m: Jessie Mae P. Watson
Jason Lee Stafford m: Ila Ethel Fox
Lucy M. Stafford m: Joe Hight
at Family Homestead, Alexander Co., North Carolina USA


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