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Commencement Exercises, Chelsea School, Mather Hall, Friday May 26,1905, Invocation: Rev. John J. Wilson
Salutation: Millie Kepner;Piano Solo: James Bresnahan; Cost of his Farm: George E. Lord; Giving Mrs. Schudder the Smallpox; The Pilot's Story: Mable Elvice Bartlett;
Economy: Gerthrude H. Rice; How Tim's Prayer was Answered: Sadie Grace Yoder; School Master's Guests: Carol A. Bruner; Xmas Night in the Quarters: Myrtle May Hardin;Paul Venarze's Ride: Irene Griffin; Sun Dust: Myrtle Casey; The Debating Society: Mable M. Carlson; Ride of Great Grandmother Lee: Nellie F. Mahaffey; The Removal: Ernest Robinson; Leadville Jim: William J. LeHuquet; Irishman's Panorama: Peter Smith; "Persimmons": Fern M. Meeke
Ancient Miner's Story: Roy W. Billings; The Black Horse and its Rider: George H. Crofton; Our Weddin' Day: Grayce B. Hoffman; Valedictory Address: Elmer Bradbury;Flower Girls and Boys: Ruth Mahaffey, Harold Stevens, Edna Meeke, Charlie Hoffman

Mystery: Where is the location of Chelsea School?
at Chelsea School, USA


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