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Jonathan Winters as "Maude Frickert" one of his many hilarious characters.

Jonathan Harshman Winters III was born November 11, 1925 in Dayton Ohio. While his grandfather had owned a bank and his father was an investment banker, like many families of the era the Great Depression of the 1930's decimated the family's fortunes. His parents separated and he and his mother moved to Springfield Ohio to live with his grandmother.

After serving in the Marines in World War 2, he went on to study cartooning and met his wife (married until her death in 2009), Eileen Schauder. They had two children.

After leaving the art career he was pursuing and entering radio, Jonathan broke into television and movies, becoming one of the most famous comedians of his day. His comedic characters ranged from Maude Frickert (shown) to impersonating the voice of President John Kennedy on the Jack Paar show. Another generation of television watchers knew him as "Mearth" the son of the title characters on "Mork and Mindy."

Jonathan died on April 11, 2013 at the age of 87 in Montecito, California. He brought a lot of laughter and joy to generations of Americans and will be sorely missed.


Mariana Trenchette Jonathan Winters was such a great comic. He made me laugh so hard. I think he was a good man and he will be missed. Rest in Peace, Mr. Winters.
Apr 13, 2013 · Reply
Jim Farrell One of the greatest comics..
Jun 11, 2015 · Reply
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