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Family photo of Jones and Beck: Left to right(adults):Mary Bell Jones Farley, Jesse Jones, Mary Beck Jones, Maggie Mae Jones Beck, Ada Mildred Beck Linker, Della Beck Jones holding her youngest Arthur, Annie Beck Eaton, Emily Elizabeth "Lizzie" Couch Beck, Luther Bly Beck holding gun. Left to right(children): Gertie Farley, Walter Farley, Loren Farley, Elmer Farley, Edna Beck, Charles Cissero Jones.

Some of the adult women weren't married yet but I inserted the surnames they later married. Edna Beck was the step-daughter of Maggie Mae Jones Beck. Edna is James Absont Beck's eldest daughter. Mary Belle Jones was married to Walter Farley. Jesse Jones was married to Mary H Beck Jones.
in Centrahoma, Oklahoma USA


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