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My wife's father is third from left seated with legs crossed, name Paul Jones Age approx 8 to 10 years old

Mystery: We know only one person in this picture my wife's father Paul Jones third from left seated on ground- he was approx ten or twelve
at Front Yard of Jones Home, Pomona Los Angeles County, CA USA


Donna Thompson Do you know where the picture was taken? What state maybe. My Mother's family is Jones.
Nov 29, 2009 · Reply
Heather Holdgate Our Maltby family just had a reunion in Miramichi City (district: Newcastle) in New Brunswick, Canada. Some of these Jones ancestors relocated to the U.S.. Where was this reunion held? I'm assuming it was the States but I'm curious as to where.

My mother descends from Jones; her mother was a Jones, Elizabeth (Bessie) Annie Jones (1886-1939, Newcastle New Brunswick).

Heather Holdgate
Whitby, Ontario, Canada
Nov 30, 2009 · Reply
Floyd Farrar The photo was taken circa 1925-1929 in Pomona CA. The exact address is visible BUT the street is not known. The only person known is Paul Jones my wife's father, his father was Jesse Jones of Surry County NC and his father was William Anderson Jones whom is buried at New Hope United Methodist Church graveyard Ararat NC (marker photo at Find A Grave) . We have nobody to check with at whom is who.

We suspect some but can't verify any names. This is why we posted it
Nov 30, 2009 · Reply
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