Jose S Borja Mancuso family photo
Del Mancuso

Jose S Borja

L-R: Del Mancuso, Jose Borja, Don Jantz, Hugh Baptista

About Jose S Borja

Jose Borja (if this is the person I have in mind) served in the Navy on the USS Hamner DD718 in the Hamner's Supply Division 1956-1958. He was a great mentor to me. I have picture I would like to share with his family. I will be in DC in June and would like to pay my respects at his grave in Arlington. I would appreciate knowing if this is the same individual. Del Mancuso ...more info

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Can you transcribe what it says at the top of the photo?
Apr 17, 2013 2:43 pm reply
Photo taken at Supply Office USS Hamner DD718
Jose S Borja

Jose S Borja

Born: Nov 18, 1914
Died: Sep 2, 1991 (age 76)
Also in this photo: Jose S Borja  ·  Del Mancuso  ·  Don Jantz  ·  Hugh Baptista