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Janet Nazer This is Joseph (Joe) Costelnic. He was the oldest of three kids; the next is a sister named Anna, then a brother named Jack (or John). The three kids were born in Youngstown, Ohio; Joe in 1907, Anna in 1909 and Jack in 1911. Their dad was a tailor, who died at a young age, and their mother may have remarried shortly after that; however, she left the man she had married, or was working for, and moved to Wyoming with the three kids. They settled in Sheridan. As she had to work, this left the kids to roam free, so they were taken away from her and placed in an orphanage in Wheatland, Wyoming, and Joe and Jack ended up in the Lovell/Cowley Wyoming areas, and Anna stayed in Wheatland where she was adopted. Jack was adopted by LeRoy and Lena Benson Nazer, and Joe went to stay with a family whose last name was Schmerber; however, the 1920 census record says he was staying with a family by the name of Egan. In time, the boys scattered, and Jack spent a lot of his time between northern Wyoming, and Utah, and eventually got married three times and divorced twice, and Joe married a gal from Roseburg, Oregon, where he remained for the rest of his life. He passed away in 1992, Anna married twice and ended up in Casper, Wyoming, where she passed away in 1996, and Jack lived southeast of Powell, Wyoming from 1946-2003, when he passed away.

The last name of Costelnic may also be spelled Kostelnik; or a varient of that spelling.
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