Joseph, Irene, and Halina Dubicki, New York Bortkiewicz family photo
Irene Dubicka

Joseph, Irene, and Halina Dubicki, New York

A photo of the Joseph Dubicki family in New York circa 1952.

About Joseph Dubicki

Jozef was the son of Michal and Konstancja from Folwark Cieletniki, and brother of Apolonia, Antoni, Leon, Michal, and Piotr, all born in Poland. He lived with his uncle Aleksander Dubicki (professor of mathematics) in Wilno until WWII broke out and he was deported to Siberia. He was able to leave the Soviet POW camp in the USSR with General Wladyslaw Anders's Army. He was a war correspondent with the Polish II Corps under British Command in Palestine. He lost his youngest brother Piotr, who was killed by the German Nazis at Monte Cassino (and is buried there). After the war, he was relocated to England, where he married Halina Bortkiewicz, whose family background and history of exile was very similar to his. They emigrated to the U.S., to New York City, where they had one child, a daughter, Irene (Irunia) Dubicka, born in Manhattan in 1951. He worked as a journalist and Brooklyn correspondent for the Nowy Swiat and then the Nowy Dziennik newspapers in Manhattan. He returned to Poland in ~1974 for a tearful reunion to visit his family. A fiery anti-Communist activist, he was often compared to the Roman speaker Cato. He died supporting Solidarnosc through martial law in Poland but did not live to witness Lech Walesa's being elected President or Poland's regaining its independence, which had been his life's mission and his avocation. He also did not live to see his grandson, Conrad Morawski, born a week after his funeral. ...more info

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Daughter Irene (a.k.a. Irena or Irunia) Dubicka on the arms of Jozef Dubicki, with his wife Halina (Bortkiewicz) Dubicka, approximately 1952 in Brooklyn, New York.
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Photo taken at Brooklyn, New York United States of America
Joseph, Irene, and Halina Dubicki, New York

Joseph Dubicki

Born: Nov 16, 1910 in Vilnius, Vilnius County , Lithuania
Died: Aug 23, 1984 (age 73) in Brooklyn, NY
Cause: Heart attack

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