Josiah Goodwin Family 1894 Goodwin family photo
Henry Mason

Josiah Goodwin Family 1894

This is a photo of the Goodwin Family et al. Pictured are:
front row
John Armstrong, Bill Goodwin,Rufus Howard, Joe Dick Goodwin, Myrtle (Howard) Lewis...the owner of the photo, Lula Goodwin Charlton, Sarah (Howard) Cole, and Hattie Goodwin.
Back row
Josiah Goodwin...the father,holding Conner C. Goodwin in his arms,Jenny Murphy Howard, Nancy Liles Goodwin...the mother, holding Russell Goodwin, and Charles Goodwin. This picture was sent to The Lewis County Herald by Myrtle Howard Lewis, who was 80 years old at the time and lived in Detroit. ... show more

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Photo taken at Goodwin Home Lewis County, Kentucky on