Joyce Neal, Pennsylvania 1949 Long family photo
Joyce Walston

Joyce Neal, Pennsylvania 1949

This is my (Joyce Neal's) third grade class at Cameron Elementary School in Hutchinson, Pennsylvania in 1949. Mrs. Belzar was our teacher. I don't remember the names of all of the students but included in this photo are: Howard Greenawalt, Norman Gray, Richard Radziwon, Ronald Leasure, Ronald Yuvan, Donald 'Whitey' Long, Michael Fracola, Joseph Omler, Earl Lash, Ormond Long, Joyce Neal, Agnes Seneff, Judy Hixon, Lois Leasure, Diane Trout, Judy Leasure, Rosanna Stubbs, Rose Ann Kuszaj, Judy Golobish, Betty Sinnamond, Elizabeth Fulmer, Judy Lesnicky, Jay Hixon, Edward Angelysek, Norman Omler, Timothy Grushesky, and Gerald Stubbs. ... show more

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Photo taken at Neal Hutchinson, Pennsylvania United States of America on
Joyce Neal, Pennsylvania 1949

Howard Greenawalt

Born: unknown
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Howard Greenawalt  ·  Norman Gray  ·  Richard Radziwon  ·  Ronald Leasure  ·  Ronald Yuvan  ·  Donald 'Whitey' Long  ·  Michael Fracola  ·  Joseph Omler  ·  Earl Lash  ·  Ormond Long  ·  Joyce Neal at 9 years old  ·  Agnes Seneff  ·  Judy Hixon  ·  Lois Leasure  ·  Diane Trout  ·  Judy Leasure  ·  Rosanna Stubbs  ·  Rose Ann Kuszaj  ·  Judy Golobish  ·  Betty Sinnamond  ·  Elizabeth Fulmer  ·  Judy Lesnicky  ·  Jay Hixon  ·  Edward Angelysek  ·  Norman Omler  ·  Timothy Grushesky  ·  Gerald Stubbs