Juanita Ellen (Snider) Sutphin, VA Snider family photo
Juanita Snider Sutphin

Juanita Ellen (Snider) Sutphin, VA

A picture of me, Juanita Ellen Snider Sutphin, at Lakeside Amusement Park which used to be in Salem, Virginia. We always went there as children. People came from all over the place to visit the park. WE sure miss it.

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Photo taken at Lakeside Amusement Park Salem, VA., Roanoke Co. County, Virginia USA
Juanita Ellen (Snider) Sutphin, VA

Juanita Ellen (Snider) Sutphin

Born: unknown
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Juanita Ellen (Snider) Sutphin