Judy Garland & family circa 1936

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Judy Garland & family: This photo was taken about 1936, left to right back row is Judy (who had recently been signed to MGM and lost her father in a matter of months), her father's eldest brother, Bob Gumm, her mother, Ethel Gumm, her oldest sister, Susie Gumm, (front row) middle sister, Jimmie Gumm, Aunt Belle (Bob's wife, born Smith), Susie's husband, Lee Kahn, and Judy's cousin, Richard (son of Bob & Belle). The family was close and often came to visit. When Bob's theater was in trouble, against MGM's rules, Judy went and sang there to bring in business. Photo from Bob Gumm's family archives and included in my book, From Tennessee to Oz, Part 2 - The Amazing Saga of Judy Garland's Family History by Michelle Russell. This was an eight year adventure!
at Judy Garland House, Hollywood, California USA


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