Jules and Angela Decorte wedding photo

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My Grandparents on my Dad's side Jules Decorte born April 22, 1900 at Gitz, Belgium died May 10, 1977, Boissevain, Manitoba, Canada. And Angele Rachele Sylvie Saelen born April 20, 1908 at Roselaire, Belgium and died June 30, 1978.

This was their wedding photo They were married January 8, 1928 at Roselaire, Belgium

There is a bit of a story to this when my Grandpa came over to Canada he knew that this is where he wanted to spend his life. He also knew that he wanted to marry someone from the same country that he came from. At that time my Grandma's sister and her husband where also living here in Canada around the same area as Jules so Amadine (Grandma's sister) told Grandpa about one of her other sister's that she thought would be a great match. So Grandpa went back to Belgium to meet this sister and ask her to marry him ............ but as fate turned out this sister was not around at that time (she was in a different town so Grandpa spotted Angele, was smitten by her, and asked her to marry him and she accepted and the rest they say is history) Jules and Angele were married 50 years.
in Belgium


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