Kansas City Bus Drivers, ca 1929

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Vince Maddux, third from right, drove a bus for Kansas City. He was shot in a robbery of the bus terminal, ending his career as a driver. While he survived the attack, he was left with vision impairment. The uniforms of that era are quite impressive.
at Bus depot, Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri


Daniel Pinna Those ARE impressive bus driver uniforms!
Jul 17, 2013 · Reply
Mary Vail Amazing how times have changed! I'll post some pics of the buses he drove. Just so you know, I received a message on the website from a distant 'cousin' because of pictures I posted of Dr. Frank Ellis. I am waiting for a reply from her, but haven't heard back yet. This is the first time I've received any info from a related person and am looking forward to sharing info with her. She may have info that I am missing on his family and I may have some she doesn't have. I was very happy to hear from her. Thanks for the website.
Jul 18, 2013 · Reply
Daniel Pinna Your biography and photos of Dr. Frank Ellis are hugely impressive! :) I wish I had such cool photos of my ancestors...I expect a lot of folks reaching out to you... By the way, did you notice the money changers strapped to the bus drivers' waists? Such a cool photo!
Jul 18, 2013 · Reply
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