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There is no name written on the back of this photo, it was found in the picture box of my grandmother, Hazel Risner Baldridge, who lived in/around Prestonsburg [floyd co] and Paintsville [johnson co] Ky most of her life. My mother told me his name was Augustus Weeks and that she thought my grandmother was 'sweet' on him. (I have looked for someone by that name for months but can find no information). He was a minister or preacher, but we don't know what denomination or where exactly. I think this photo may have been taken in the late 40's or early 50's in Ky.

Mystery: This photo was in my grandmother's picture box. My mother tells me it is the photo of Augustus S. Weeks, and that he was a Preacher in/around Floyd and/or Johnson Counties in Ky. (I have never been able to track him down). My mother swears my grandmother had a "crush" on this man. Please let me know if he is familiar to you - I would return the photo to whomever belongs to this family [free]. Thanks! Sharon Nelson Nutt
at Floyd or Johnson County, KY, Prestonsburg or Paintsville, KY, KY


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