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Herbert Baxley Born 6 Jan 1909 in Herrin, Williamson Co., Illinois. Died Jan 1987 in Cocoa Beach, Brevard Co., Florida.

One of Herb's first jobs was pumping gas. When the owner of the station died, Herb took it over. Later Herb worked as a regional distributor for Standard Oil Company. He was called to war when he was nearly thirty, and had to give up his career, which never "set well" with him. When Herb went into the service, it was noted that gasoline was selling for 3 cents a gallon, and a quart of oil was 5 cents.

While working in the motor pool for the U. S. Army, Herb was accidently pinned under a military vehicle (some say a truck, some say a tank), injuring his leg. His leg was later amuptated. While spending time recouperating in VA hospitals, Herb learned to knit. The Cross family children were provided with booties and afgans handcrafted by Herb.

Herb's birth certificate simply reads "Baby Boy Baxley", because a name had not been decided for him at the time of his birth. Although it seemed like no problem at birth, when his army "buddies" found out..."Baby Boy Baxley" never lived it down.
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