Klara Pograniczny Borba family photo
Jen Lyn

Klara Pograniczny

A photo of Klara Pograniczny, 1912 - 1986

About Klara (Borba) Pograniczny

I am her granddaughter writing all of this i am trying to find out the history of my family as i have never truly met her i was 2 or 3 when she passed away... She was married to Joseph Michael Pograniczny She had 5 children she had Joseph Bolha, Bernie Bolha Eddie Bolha Barbara Pograniczny and my father Michael Pograniczny i am try so hard to find my family history and if there is anyway someone can help me that would be awesome i really only know 2 of my cousins from that side of the family,, All i know about her is she was loving and an amazing cook so im looking for some pieces of the puzzle PLEASE HELP ...more info

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