Kroetch Family Wedding Photo Kroetch family photo
Kathy Pinna

Kroetch Family Wedding Photo

Family photo taken at the wedding of Kathleen Kroetch to Leonard Pinna. L to R: Frank Kroetch (bride's father), Pam Kroetch (bride's sister), Kathy Kroetch, Joyce Benning Kroetch (bride's mother), and John Kroetch (bride's step-brother).

About Frank Edward Kroetch

Dad was never baptized (as far as I know) and has no burial site because he was cremated and his ashes distributed between his wife and two daughters. He was a very smart man (with an IQ that tested between 165 and 185) and good looking - charismatic! He was a life-long entrepreneur, having attended the University of Washington (after serving in the Navy in World War Two) and graduating from San Jose State University. He lived in both California (where his daughters were born) and Washington (where he was born and died). He was quite a human being and we all miss him every day! ...more info

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Photo taken at Kroetch Home San Jose, California USA on
Kroetch Family Wedding Photo

Frank Edward Kroetch

Born: Mar 26, 1927 in Hoquiam, WA
Died: Jul 11, 2001 (age 74) in Bellingham, WA
Cause: Heart Failure

Also in this photo: Kathleen Pinna at 22 years old  ·  Pamela Kroetch at 21 years old  ·  John Hugh Izzi Kroetch at 12 years old  ·  Joyce Benning Kroetch Vandever at 41 years old  ·  Frank Edward Kroetch at 45 years old