Lacey Family Activites Lacey family photo
ThomasDillon Lacey

Lacey Family Activites

These are photos taken at the Lacey Homestead in the early 1950's. Top left is Bridget and Sally Lacey school photos, Turk Lacey in the snow;Family Lawn Wedding. Top right Lacey Grandchildren; Family Lawn Wedding.

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Photo taken at Lacey Homestead Carrolltown/Cambria, PA on
Lacey Family Activites

Sally Lacey

Born: Sep 7, 1934
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Sally Lacey at 14 years old  ·  Turk Lacey at 48 years old  ·  Grandchild Lacey  ·  Bridget Lacey at 7 years old