Larry Bowen (Postelle) Postelle family photo
Janet Unknown

Larry Bowen (Postelle)

My Wonderful father. He was a marauder in wwll, in the army air corps. His lineage is Postell or Postelle, Pack,Bell,Dunkley,Shearer, Ramsey,ect.

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I've been told my father-in-law was a Marauder, can you tell me how to confirm this fact. Is there a list somewhere...of course there is, do you know where it is?
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Jun 13, 2004 12:26 pm reply
Janet, I tried to email you back about the relationship between Hawkins and Postell; however, it was returned.

In my great-great grandfather, Jeptha Hawkins Civil War papers the name J. T. Postell appears in quite a few places. The papers are 300 pages. This is what I can tell you from memory about the connection; James T. Postell is the cousin to Mary Harris-Hawkins. Mary was Jeptha's 2nd wife. J.T. Postell was appointed legal guardian of Jeptha and Mary's children; Cager, Dorcus and Harriett after Jeptha dies in 1911. Paula
Jan 22, 2005 10:27 pm reply
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