Last minute huddle. Washington, D.C., April 20. Loaded...

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Last minute huddle. Washington, D.C., April 20. Loaded down with facts and figures on President Roosevelt's $4,512,000,000 Recovery Drive, WPA Administrator Harry Hopkins (left) and his First Assistant Chief Aubrey Williams, await the opening of The House Appropriations Committee Hearing today where they made public plans for the Administration's new drive against The Depression, 4/20/38

Part of the U.S. Library of Congress's Harris & Ewing Collection (Library of Congress).

Harris & Ewing, photographer
  • Glass negatives.
  • 1 negative : glass ; 4 x 5 in. or smaller
  • Title from unverified caption data received with the Harris & Ewing Collection.
  • Gift; Harris & Ewing, Inc. 1955.
  • General information about the Harris & Ewing Collection is available at
  • Temp. note: Batch five.


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