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She was the last living member of her Tribe the CALIPODIA and her name was Lize. The photo was taken in 1910 in Brownville, Oregon.

Mystery: I have no idea where I got this photo from, I just have always had it. I do not know who she was, and who took the photo. I felt it should be shared if she were the last of her people, she should be remembered!


J Kirkpatrick A tribe living in the area of Lane County, Oregon, in the 1800s was the Calapooya or Kalapuya. The map at
has their area parallel to the coast but inland a little.
Dec 04, 2003 · Reply
J Kirkpatrick The map is at [external link]
Dec 04, 2003 · Reply
Kelleen Sullivan thank. I have found that my Grandmother's brother may have taken it. He was a Photographer in Oregon.

Every time I look at this photo, my heart hurts to think... she was the last, the very last...
Dec 05, 2003 · Reply
J Kirkpatrick Searched under "Calapooya": found article from Woodburn, OR, that mentions last Indian surviving, Aunt Eliza, dying in 1922!
Dec 05, 2003 · Reply
J Kirkpatrick Found the story of "Indian Lize" Young and her husband at . They lived in Brownsville.
Dec 05, 2003 · Reply
J Kirkpatrick The story is at [external link]
Dec 05, 2003 · Reply
J Kirkpatrick Found the couple listed as Indians in 1880 census of Brownsville, Jim & Eliza Kirk (not Young). Born about 1840 & 1835.
Dec 05, 2003 · Reply
David Lewis This is indeed Eliza of Brownsville. The town used to be called Calapooia, and the area tribe was called that too. Eliza was not the last of her tribe. The Calapooia Tribes were removed to the Grand Ronde Reservation in the mid 1850's and some Native people chose to remain on their homelands. The descendants of the Calapooia people live on the Grand Ronde and Siletz Reservations or are members of them. I mayself am of Santiam and Yoncalla Calapooia descent.
Jun 28, 2004 · Reply
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