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Others have identified the woman seated on the far left as Appolonia (LERG) Luppert and the man at her right shoulder as Valentine Luppert, her first husband. It could be around the 1900s or so judging by the clothing. The location could be the Lansing, MI, homestead of the Lerg family. They probably all spoke German only.

Mystery: Help me identify these people. If you know any information about this or anything else in the data base, please email me at [ [contact link] ]. Thanks in advance.
at Farm House, Lansing, MI


Patricia Gaulke There is some doubt as to whether this is Apononia's family or Valentine's. If his, it might be Brandel rather than Lerg Family
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Aug 29, 2004 · Reply
Erika Conn Luppert I was just searching some family names today and I have actually seen this picture before. The man to the left with his right shoulder is indeed Valentine Luppert. Oddly, my father William Luppert looks just like him though I am not sure of how relation exists. My grandfather's name is also Valentine.
Oct 19, 2008 · Reply
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