Lida/Linda? Snyder

Photo Details

Back of Photo says
$21.00 in purse
Mrs Lida/Linda? Snyder
Ithaca, Mich Box 38

Mystery: I only have a photo copy of this picture and the back. So far don't have the surname Snyder in my family but Ithaca Mi is in Gratiot county Mi and my Purvis family is from Gratiot county so I was wondering if she is from the Purvis family. Also my Good family is from the nearby Shiawassee County so may she is from the Good family. Anyone know this ladies maiden name?
Please email me at [contact link] Thank you Rose
in Ithaca, Michigan USA


Rosemary Purvis-Lesher Could anyone put a possible year to this photo?
Aug 06, 2006 · Reply
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