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This photo was taken by Ocie Vanbrunt after she got her first camera.Lidia was staying a few days with the Irvin Vanbrunt family.Ocie told her sister,Lilly to go in the house and get grandma so she could take a photo of her.Grandma's answer was "Oh, she doesn't want one of me". Ocie said she went inside and put her arms around grandma and got her to go outside to take the photo of her.Lidia married William Mounce.The photo was taken on the southend of Irvin's home located at Mulberry, Arkansas about 5 miles from town.
at Irvin Vanbrunt Home, Mulberry,Crawford, Arkansas


Marian Watson Hello, I am related to Lidian A. Tucker Mounce through the Tucker line. Lydia was the sister of my ggreatfather William M. Tucker
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