Lillian A Clukey, Maryland Clukey family photo
Kimberly Sheridan

Lillian A Clukey, Maryland

A photo of Lillian A Clukey.

About Lillian A Clukey

Born Lillian Alice Coloumbe to parents John Coloumbe and Cora May Murray, she married Paul Albert Clukey in Plattsburgh New York on February 12, 1936. She was mother to five children: Lyle (b. 1938) , Pauline (b. 1940, deceased), Wayne (b. 1946), Dale ( b. 1952), and Clyde (b. 1953). ...more info

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Would she have given Jane Russell a Run for her money?
Aug 07, 2013 2:12 pm reply
Photo taken at Silver Spring, Montgomery County, MD
Lillian A Clukey, Maryland

Lillian A Clukey

Born: ca. Jul 5, 1913 in West Chazy, NY
Died: ca. Dec 31, 1987 (age 74) in Silver Spring, MD
Cause: Brain aneurism

Also in this photo: Lillian A Clukey at 52 years old