Lillian Audrie (Blevins) Cates

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Lillian Audrie Blevins was born in 1898. She was the daughter of Hiram and Mary Josephine Blevins. She was sold to James (Jim or Pop) Prince Cates who was much older than she, and she never loved him. Their Children were Alabea Cates (They think she died in the pleague), Bonnie Allen (They think she died in the pleague also), Floyd Earl Cates, Mary Frances Cates (Died in a drowning accident), Harold Lloyd (my father), Dorothy Pearl Cates, and Naomi Josaphena Fidella (Tincy) Cates. Shortly after the youngest child was born she ran away with a man named Frenchy. I have no other information on him.
at Lillian Audrie Blevins (Cates), USA


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