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Only daughter Of Abraham Jeffers She had two Brother s. Henry and Ed. Lillie May Jeffers was a Garenson Girl.

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at Lillie May Jeffers, Redwillow, Nebraska


Elizabeth Winters Lillie May Jeffers was a Garenson Girl.
Jul 15, 2003 · Reply
Carol Burns Are any of your Jeffers related to Elizabeth Jeffers of Knox Co. Ohio? She married David D. Ireland in 1853 in Morrow Co. Ohio. They are my Gr Grandparents. Thanks, Carol
Jul 21, 2003 · Reply
Elizabeth Winters I can invite you to a Jeffers site I made names and dates are theere Carol Give me you whole email address mine is [contact link]
Nov 05, 2003 · Reply
Elizabeth Winters Carol:
I do not know of Any in Ohio, But I do know thay moved alot.
Dec 01, 2005 · Reply
Elizabeth Winters Toanswer your Question of July 21,2003 No I had family in New Jerser, New Yourm, Ohio, Indian, Illions, End Up in Mc cook Then Some Moved again to Origan, and California.
Jul 01, 2006 · Reply
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