Little Girl on chair Unknown family photo
Katy Wilson

Little Girl on chair

I could be related to any of the families listed below. So please help identify me. Welty, Singleton, Birge, Beals,Barnett, Broughton, Bemis, James, McConville, Janzen, Johansen, Kelsey, Kinkead, Lake, Schmidt, Barnett, Kelly, Uriz, Gonzalez, Thatcher, Vaness Hays or Helwig Picture could have been taken anywhere in the US or in Canada ... show more

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Little Girl on chair


Born: unknown
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Barnett  ·  Beals  ·  Birge  ·  Broughton  ·  Gonzalez  ·  Hays  ·  Helwig  ·  James  ·  Janzen  ·  Johansen  ·  Kelly  ·  Kelsey  ·  Kinkead  ·  Lake  ·  McConville  ·  Schmidt  ·  Singleton  ·  Thatcher  ·  Tollen  ·  Tollon  ·  Uriz  ·  Vaness  ·  Welty