Lorenzo Brieba

Lorenzo Brieba

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Lorenzo Brieba @ the former US Embassy site Saigon (Hồ Chí Minh City)From the documentary, "War Was Where We Were", a recently declassified photo of Lorenzo Brieba (1993-2000 circa), known as 'GHOS ... show more

Lorenzo Brieba @ the former US Embassy site Saigon (Hồ Chí Minh City)From the documentary, "War Was Where We Were", a recently declassified photo of Lorenzo Brieba (1993-2000 circa), known as 'GHOST 13', wearing customized army drab jungle shorts, standing outside the former location of the US Embassy, which had been torn down after the North Vietnamese regained Saigon now renamed Ho Chin Minh City.

Brieba had entered Hanoi under the guise of being part of the MIA Team led by his former Fort Benning Commander, Colonel Cray, operating at times under the alias, Lance Wilson, a surfer searching for the perfect beach and perfect wave although he never surfed a single day in his life.

Brieba always knew the price he might have to pay for giving evidence of executed MIA's which included information on CORDS and the Phoenix Program.
He would be shot dead and dumped in a river somewhere, probably after being tortured and mutilated.
Back in the Sixties, the Viet Cong and the Phoenix Program worked the war as a criminal underworld, that was the way they did business.
If he survived Viet Nam he would live the rest of his life in fear.

In the time he spent in the inner circle of the organization known as 'The Syndicate', he had witnessed too much violence, too many beatings, too much terror, and intimidation.

If the truth could not be stopped, he reasoned, they would continue to go around killing witnesses - including, perhaps, his own family. - these forces had forged links with Organized Crime in New York.
They would have killed far more people - innocent people. They wanted to go on and on, at whatever cost.

Leaked information, given under Code-Names could eventually lead to the arrests of key members of 'The Syndicate', taking one last terrifying step across the line - it meant exile.
His team never heard from him again, and they, too, assumed he was dead.
If he had been alive, they thought, he would surely have made contact - but that was more than 20 years ago now, and there hadn't even been a sign he came back from the dead - but, incredibly, he had kept the same name.

So why didn't he reveal himself before?
He was told by the military not to contact anyone for five years, but then each year would pass and he had found a new life.. a new mission.

He was horrified to discover that the sick hero-worship which gave the Viet Cong and Phoenix operatives iconic status among underworld contemporaries and low-life admirers endured nearly half a century later.

Long after some of their deaths, they are revered by old-time crooks and misguided youngsters from a generation that wasn't even born when the war existed.

Books and a succession of films have chronicled their reign and, in some cases, glorified it.

He stated he had suffered because of what he did - which is what any decent, humane person should have done but it almost seems like a waste of time - and a waste of a life when you find the government spinning lies.

The MIA's are part of history, but it's important that history gets it right.

Brieba was promoted as Captain based on this but insisted he was never on the payroll of 'The Syndicate' and had to earn an independent living.
He was also required to negotiate, deliver weapons, and cash, and drive around the country. One of the other jobs was to orchestrate diversions.

The Syndicate's inner circle of about 30 members and their elevated status quickly took a sinister turn.
In an idle moment, he picked a book which compiled a list of people they were intending to kill.
He informed them that a vacuum cleaner was more effective than a gun.

Two members, Charles Conaway aka 'Frasier' and Jeffrey W. Michael aka 'Scotland Yard' were facing charges of espionage.

In turn, Brieba, identified a prison officer, aka Albert Pierrepoint, who had coached condemned POWs to remain dignified on the gallows by giving them breathing exercises to help them stay calm. Another prison official, aka John C. Woods, he identified as a torturer.

The aka's of the prison guards were names of actual hangmen during the Nuremberg Trails.
The aka's of the government agents were from a character & actor from the movie "The Eagle has Landed".

He traded this information for the release of the two agents.

About Lorenzo A Brieba

There are no birth certificates or any type of proof pertaining to the date & place of birth of Lorenzo A Brieba according to several investigations conducted by the FBI. He simply did not exist according to birth records. As quietly as he appeared, he disappeared. His origins remain a mystery to include his actual name. All that is known is confirmed by family members who stated he was born in Havana Cuba January 6, 1964 during "The Epiphany of the Lord". He is maternally linked to the 'Miqueli' family (Ashkenazi Jews from Nuremberg Germany 1724 circa), who resided in Sicily during the 'Converso' & 'Tribunal of the Holy Office of the Inquisition' prior to settling in San Antonio de Los Banos Cuba in 1894. His paternal connection, Brieba, is of the Basque race (Oriental Jews - 13th tribe of Levi), whose language has no identifiable roots.. RH-Negative blood types.. genetically different than all other beings on the planet.. human anomalies & the last remnant of the Atlantean race — the reactivation of the Vril for the dominance of the Teutonic race over all others. The Brieba family originated from the French Basque Northern Country (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) but resided in Logrono & La Coruna Spain. The Town of Brieva, a municipality located in the province of Segovia, Castile and León, Spain, with a population of only 71 inhabitants, the last vestibule of Cro-Magnum man, is named after them. ...more about Lorenzo A Brieba

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