Losey Family, Arkansas 1934 Losey family photo
Pattie Roberts

Losey Family, Arkansas 1934

Fred Elmo (Smith) Losey, Ida Bernice Oconer, Juanita Anne Losey, and Jessy Joe Losey. This is my grandfather, and grandmother, and my mother and uncle Jessy. Little Jessy died just before 8 years old. My mother Juanita, died at age of 42
Grand mother Ida Bernice died in July 1965 And grand dad diedin about 1972. I am trying to find My great grand fathers on both sides This picture was taken about 1934 in Little Rock Arkansas. Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much Pattie ... show more

The Mystery

Need to know about my grand parents, parents, and where they came from. I have been looking for 30 years them.

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Photo taken at Little Rock, Pulaski County, AR
Losey Family, Arkansas 1934

Fred Elmo "Smith" Losey

Born: unknown
Died: ca. 1972