Lottie Grant (Elizabeth Charlotte Stice)

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Various genealogy web postings indicate this woman is Elizabeth Charlotte Stice who was a 'Fat Lady' with circus and that one of her husbands was F M Whitlock. I am a descendant of Hiram Higley Whitlock (b. 1799 CT, d. 1887 in Jasper Co Iowa). Assume there must be some connection between my family and F M Whitlock.
in Fort Wayne, Indiana


Carolann Padgett Lottie Grant(Elizabeth Charlotte Stice) is my greatgreatgrandmother her son William Henry Parker was her son, he is my greatgrandfather
Mar 19, 2004 · Reply
Clarence Parker Lottie was born May 12,1849 as Elizabeth Stice to Peter Stice and Milinda Phelps in Monroe County,Mo
at one time she weighted 722 lbs
Mar 20, 2004 · Reply
Kaye Harwell Lottie, Elizabeth Charlotte Stice was my Great Aunt. I have other Photo's of Lottie and pictures of her Parents, Peter Stice and Malinda Phelps. Kaye
Mar 26, 2004 · Reply
Clarence Parker The woman in the photo is my Great Grandmothershe died in Bativia,Mi and is buried there in the Bativia Cemetery. at her death she weighed around 650 pounds her first born child was William Parker my grandfather
Aug 05, 2004 · Reply
Jim Winslow Grand Rapids Herald Fri 18 Aug 1899

Casket Built to Order in This City to Contain Her Remains

In the death of Mrs. Frank Whitlock near Coldwater, yesterday the circus profession lost one of its foremost attractions Mrs. Whitlock bore the undistinguished title of champion fat woman of the world and weighted in good condition about 600 pounds. There was no coffin of sufficient size to contain the corpse obtainable in Coldwater, so the undertakers telegraphed and order for the desired article to the Powers & Walker Casket company of this city.

The dimensions of the casket are six feet three inches in length, 40 inches wide at the bottom and 50 at the top, and 30 inches in depth. The casket was finished in time to arrive to Coldwater within 24 hours of the receipt of the order.
Nov 13, 2013 · Reply
Jim Winslow Grand Rapids Herald Sun 20 Aug 1899

Weird Funeral for the Big Woman at Coldwater

COLDWATER, Mich., Aug. 19. All was a weird funeral procession that accompanied the body of Mrs. Frank Whitlock at midnight last night from her home to the cemetery at Batavia station three miles distant. The casket which was made to order to hold Mrs. Whitlock's body did not arrive until 9 p.m. The funeral services were held in the afternoon. Late at night 200 neighbors and friends assembled and forming a procession marched to the cemetery. The body was lowered into the grave about 1 o'clock this morning.
Nov 13, 2013 · Reply
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