Louella Orr and sister Orr family photo
Nancy Curry

Louella Orr and sister

This is a photo of my great grandmother Louella Orr. She was daughter to Robert Robinson Orr and his 2nd wife Emily Spivey. I believe the girl standing next to her to be her sister Kansas Orr who was closest in age. Robert R. Orr was son of Andrew M. Orr and Mary F. Robinson Orr. This Orr familycame out of South Carolina, through Georgia to Arkansas. Louella Orr married Horace Mann Woolman of Hot Springs, Arkansas. Her daughter Anna Woolman was my grandmother. ... show more

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Photo taken at Grant County, Arkansas USA on
Louella Orr and sister

Emma Louella Orr

Born: Nov 15, 1857
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Emma Louella Orr