Louise Gallo & Nora Gallo Oakley

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Newspaper clipping featuring Louise T. Vacarro-Gallo, born August 1867 in California. Woman on the right is her daughter Nora Gallo Oakley. Louise was married to Cesare/Charles Gallo and resided in Snelling, Merced Co., CA. Charles Gallo was born June 1857 in Italy;in 1900 he ran a saloon in Snelling, while in 1920 he was a storekeeper.
Charles and Louise Gallo had children Nora, Stella and Cesaren, all born in Snelling.
In the article, Louise is being awarded a prize from the Merced County Old Timers Association as the "oldest woman attending" their annual reunion. She was 90 years old at the time.
Louise died April 21, 1960.
at Merced County Old Timers Assoc., Merced Fairgrounds, Merced County, California USA


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