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Lucas M Casciato

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About Lucas M Casciato

Lucas taught me many lessons in life, mostly in letting go of my fears. He taught me bravery and fearlessness. how to have fun with life. One day we were eating lemons together and I could hardly stand the flavor! It was just so sour! and to my amazement he was sitting beside me just biting into his lemon like it was cake! So I asked him "how can you handle that taste?" he said "Well just take the biggest bite that you can and don't be afraid. it's only sour for one second.. just trust me" and so I took the bite and he to my amazement he was right!!! The lemon soon became delicious.. bitter sweet. I love Luke. There were many many more lessons he taught me. but not enough time in the world to share them all. He could do anything. I swear, ANYTHING! because what Luke was is something that most people can never be. Luke was fearless. ...more info

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