Lucille (Fuller) Johnson, 1920 Johnson family photo
Ed Miller

Lucille (Fuller) Johnson, 1920

A Scheffler Family photo; Lucille Fuller [Johnson] at about age 18: This is Lucille Fuller [Johnson] at about age 18. This is probably a special studio portrait rather than her high school yearbook photo. On close examination, you can see a fancy comb in her hair above her left shoulder. The dropped waistline of her dress seems to be ornamented with jet beads or sequins.
Lucille married Roscoe Chesterman Johnson on July 24, 1929 at Centenary Methodist Church, Richmond, Virginia. Roscoe was soon ordained as a Methodist minister. Lucille made an ideal preacher's wife.
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Photo taken at Richmond, VA
Lucille (Fuller) Johnson, 1920

Edna Lucille (Fuller) Johnson

Born: unknown
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Edna Lucille (Fuller) Johnson at 18 years old